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Rain Flowers




I am committed to helping you in your journey to overcome challenges and create positive change. My approach is to provide a safe environment in which her clients cultivate greater personal insight and emotional intelligence that ultimately promotes self-understanding, healing from past/present wounds and growth toward realizing a more whole self and/or relationship.


I have worked with adults and couples with wide-ranging concerns including depression, anxiety, adjustment, sexual abuse, ptsd, marriage & relationship concerns. 

You will learn to remove obstacles towards growth and strengthen your ability to overcome challenges by focusing on the present, identifying unhealthy patterns of thinking, and managing overwhelming emotions. My goal is to understand what has been keeping you stuck and determine what needs to happen in order for you to begin moving toward the life you want.

Therapy is a space to build a relationship in which you feel understood, supported, and free from judgment. I want to learn about what is important to you and assist you in moving towards a meaningful life with your values in mind. Together, we will work on identifying and drawing from your strengths and resources, which will assist you in coping with life’s difficulties.

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