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I encourage all of my clients to tap into their inner healings through self-reflection and vulnerability. It takes so much to get to a vulnerable state, but once that layer is peeled back and there is internal acceptance, even the biggest mountains can be moved. My goal is to ensure my clients are self-sufficient and can tackle/adjust to anything life throws their way by utilizing their personal strengths.

My experience encompasses life adjustments, grief, relationship conflict, familial conflict, and identity work. I utilize a mixture of therapeutic approaches consisting of Person-centered, Existential, Inner Child Work and CBT.

It is my mission to ensure my clients feel validated, advocated for, and heard in a world that tends to do the opposite. As a therapist, I want to hold a consistent space of peace for processing and feeling. I’d love to have our space be the light that you need to find healing in and continue to fuel throughout your life’s journey. 

Ashlee Sheafer is under the supervision of Dr. Roger Copeland, PsyD, LPC-S.

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