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Micah specializes in addressing a diverse spectrum of mental health challenges, encompassing anxiety, depression, suicidal ideation, self-harm, anger management, self-esteem, stress, and time management issues.


Micah brings a wealth of experience to his practice, skillfully integrating diverse treatment modalities to meet the specific needs of each session. Whether conducting individual, family, or group therapy sessions, he provides comprehensive support tailored to the unique preferences and requirements of each client. As a member of the Gen Z population, Micah possesses a deep understanding of the unique struggles faced by adolescents, young adults, and individuals of all ages seeking solutions for their well-being. Fueled by a particular passion for family therapy, Micah utilizes a range of therapeutic approaches tailored to the specific needs of his clients, aiming to foster positive change within his community.


Micah sees his role in sessions as that of a compassionate journey companion, walking alongside clients as they navigate their experiences. He serves as their advocate, encourager, and supporter, committed to guiding them towards their own personal breakthroughs.

Micah aspires for his clients to discover breakthroughs and empowerment, fostering hope and expectation for positive change in their lives."I want you as my client to experience the same breakthrough I found through my mental health journey to become who I am today. My aspiration is for you to discover the insight and strength necessary to move forward positively.

Life is a dynamic journey, marked by both challenges and victories that shape our experiences. As a client, your journey reflects the hurdles you face and the resilience you demonstrate in overcoming them. I am here to accompany you as your journeyman along this path towards a brighter future and enhanced well-being. 

Micah Gultery, LPC-Associate is under the supervision of Melanie Wells, MS, MA, LPC, LMFT, LPCS

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