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Lauren Durbin


If you find yourself feeling trapped in the past or overwhelmed by worries about the future, it could be time for a transformation. Stress, anxiety, and depression can hinder your progress toward achieving your goals and living life on your own terms. I firmly believe in your innate ability to create the life you desire. My approach integrates evidence-based techniques such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), person-centered therapy, and mindfulness-based interventions, empowering you to navigate challenges and embrace a fulfilling life.


I am deeply committed to fostering an environment of trust and safety, where you feel empowered to freely explore your thoughts, emotions, and behaviors without fear of judgment. With an active and compassionate approach, I actively participate in the therapeutic journey, offering warmth and empathy every step of the way."


With my diverse background, I am equipped to assist a broad spectrum of individuals. My practice is centered on addressing individual and interpersonal relational challenges, as well as specializing in treating eating disorders, depression, anxiety, and stress reduction. Drawing from training in various therapeutic modalities, I provide tailored support to my clients, empowering them with the necessary tools to sustain progress beyond our sessions.

In our therapeutic journey, I'll partner with you to define your objectives, and together, we'll address the obstacles hindering your progress. Through our collaborative efforts, you'll gain insight into what no longer serves your well-being, and I'll support you in navigating life's challenges to uncover meaning and purpose.

Lauren Durbin, LPC-Associate is under the supervision of Dr. Lauren McLean, LPC-S, ensuring a high standard of professional practice and continuous development. 

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