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Adorable Chick

Na Mi Cho

Are you motivated, eager to learn, and open and ready for change? If so, I am available and willing to embark on this journey of change and discovery with you.

I have variety of experiences with working with substance abuse, depression, PTSD, anxiety, and eating disorder in populations of people ranging from individuals in age groups of children to late adults. Working in the past at an eating recovery center as well as a mood and anxiety center using evidence-based modalities CBT, ACT, DBT has proved to elect change in family, individual, and group therapy sessions for patients. 


Primarily take I take a psychodynamic and interpersonal approach, using techniques to do deeper reflections and provoke more awareness about oneself. I am also well-trained in incorporating CBT and DBT techniques to equip my clients with coping skills. I have experience working with young adults going through life transitioning and clarifying values/life goals.


I strive for building a supportive and empathic environment for my clients where they can feel safe to share. It's not easy to be open to someone, especially when you come with your difficulties. I believe in the power of human connection and how trust can change a person's life, and I am dedicated to building trust with my clients. Additionally, I hold a master’s degree in Counseling and Development and a bachelor’s degree in Biology from Georgia State University. Na Mi Cho is under the supervision of Vera Leipold, LPC-S.

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