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Chamara            Thomas


Do you and your partner desire clear communication and a meaningful connection? Want to get past arguing repeatedly about small trivial things? Has your relationship suffered? I have a passion for working with couples at any stage of their relationship. During counseling sessions, couples learn to improve communication, manage conflict, and increase intimacy.


As a Marriage and Family Therapist Associate, my goal is to reduce the number of unhealthy relationships by helping other navigate communicating their feelings and thoughts, utilize conflict resolution techniques, and provide an outlet to those feeling trapped. My therapeutic approach is open, judgement-free, and all encompassing.


My specialties include pre-marital, marital, relationship coaching, and blended families. While couples and other systemic relationships are my specialty, it is not my limit. In my previous work, I treated eating disorders in teens and men and women with a history of domestic violence. I am knowledgeable in a multitude of therapeutic interventions known to create change and growth in adolescents and adults.


Join me as I walk alongside you in this journey of healing and transformation. Chamara Thomas is supervised by Stacy McCarty-Nash

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